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Have you ever dreamed of competing on one of those cooking competition shows on Food Network?

Or perhaps you're just looking for a new idea for a dinner party?

Either way, if the idea of hosting a fun and entertaining party where great food and friendly competition is on the menu, let's talk! Just picture your home's kitchen transformed into a head-to-head cooking battle for the ages (or at least one you and your company will talk about for weeks to come).

The process is simple. You'll fill out a quick, but comprehensive survey about possible competitions and info on your party's food likes, dislikes, and allergies. Then I'll craft a highly personalized event that you'll host. I'll bring all the food and any specialized equipment which might be needed, as well as other fun elements for your guests to keep them entertained while the cooking is underway. You provide the pots and pans, knives, and plates and silverware.  It will feel like you are on the set of Food Network's Chopped.

Packages start at $495 and require a minimum of four week's advanced booking. It's a night you'll never forget!


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