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Cooking Challenge Week 6: The Eye of the Pancake

The finished burrito

When I was 12 years old, my mom took me to Boston for a mini-vacation. One morning, we wandered into Quincy Market in downtown for a little breakfast. I ordered an egg sandwich on a croissant. When breakfast arrived, it wasn't the scrambled eggs I expected. Instead, it was sunny-side up eggs with the yolks oozing all over the croissant. I was disgusted. But my mom and I had a deal. I always tried one bite of everything. So I took that dreaded bite, and low and behold, I discovered my favorite thing in the entire world!

For this week's breakfast cooking challenge, I knew my inspirational dish had to include a sunny-side up egg. I've made Toad in the Hole before, which is a fried egg inside a whole in a piece of toast. So I thought, why couldn't I do the same thing inside a giant pancake. I'm not a big syrup guy, so I figured the runny egg yolk would make for great spreading all over the pancake. And I was right!

For my recipe, here's a quick video to show you how it's made. Enjoy!

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