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RIP 2020

Oh what a totally crazy year 2020 has been. Before I go any further though, I wish to start by saying a prayer for all of the families across the world and the United States directly impacted by the Coronavirus. Way too many of you have lost loved ones, been sick yourselves and are enduring lingering effects, lost businesses and jobs, been displaced from your homes, and more. Nothing I talk about on this site will ever amount to a billionth of the importance of what you've lost. My heart is with you all.

I also won't get into politics here about the past year, because let's face it, this is a site about food. And while I may touch on subjects from time to time that are critically important to many, such as food allergies, it will always be related to the topic of food.

So, 2020. Wow. At the start of this year, I was really getting into the swing of things with He Can Cook. I was writing blog posts frequently, making lots of great food and posting on Instagram and Facebook, and just starting to get my spice rub sales off the ground. In early March I even hosted the first ever He Can Cook "Host Your Own Cooking Competition". And I even hosted two virtual cooking competitions (March and April). I had big plans to expand these things throughout the year, and then it all came to a screeching halt.

In the early months of the pandemic, my creative cooking actually ramped up as I found myself with significant free time in the evenings. That's what happens when your work commute goes from one hour to one minute. In fact, in those months, we actually tracked the meals I made and came up with a top 10 list of best dishes. I'll be sharing those in the coming weeks through new blog posts, so keep your eyes open.

But as the summer months came and the kids schooling ended for the school year, things seemed to really slow down. Limited trips outside the house meant everyone got grumpier and grumpier by the day. Creative juices stopped flowing and on some nights, a plate of pasta was all I could muster. Although I had little to do, I found myself wanted to do less and less. I guess it was some depression setting in. And I know most of you reading this probably felt similar. I stopped writing my blog posts, keeping up with the website and my monthly food challenges, and barely sold any spice rubs.

In some ways the fall seemed to never end as all three kids returned to school virtually, including my oldest starting high school. The days were filled with online learning challenges, lots of my own work, fighting with my wi-fi and evenings of studying with the kids. Needless to say, He Can Cook was a mere afterthought.

But as the start of new years tend to do, they bring energy and clarity for the year ahead. With a vaccine on the horizon and a tentative summer vacation planned, I find my spirit renewed. And the one thing, aside from my family and pretty much all sports, I am most passionate about is coming alive again. I've spent the last few weeks revamping the He Can Cook website in hopes it will be more streamlined and interesting. I am ready to start writing again and to make a major push to sell a ton of spices. The feedback I've gotten from those who have enjoyed the spices has been fantastic, and I've come to realize I've got a really good product that's great on pretty much anything you're ever going to cook! So it's time to start selling. Subtle hint, if you want some spices, order here!

So, with all that said, let's raise a glass to getting all of our lives back on track in the months ahead. And let's do it while enjoying some great food together!

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