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The New and Improved He Can Cook!

It was early summer and my wife and I decided after 15 years of filling our house with a dog, three kids, and tons of crap, we were ready for a change. So we started looking for a new house. Within a few weeks we found the house of our (partial) dreams, setting in motion six months of pure craziness. So much craziness in fact that my normal cooking routine was thrown into total chaos. And with that went any real focus on He Can Cook.

But now we're finally settled in and back to our normal chaotic life. Which for me means a renewed excitement for He Can Cook. What does that mean? A totally remade website, new content and several new and exciting offerings! Here's a quick peek at what you'll find, and I hope you'll take some time to peruse the site yourself!

New Homepage and Navigation

Scrolling Billboard on the New He Can Cook Website
Scrolling Billboard on the New He Can Cook Website

From the moment you hit the site, it's obvious there's a new look. A scrolling billboard showcases what's going on. For instance, shop He Can Cook between now and the end of February and get 20% off your purchase! And be sure to try your hand at the latest installation of my food challenges, Cold Winter's Night. And look for future competitions to include food challenges that require no cooking at all!

As for getting around the site, now you've got easy access from both the menu at the top of the page and from boxes just below the billboard. You've also got direct access to all my latest blog posts from the home page.

New Offerings

Chocolate Babka
Babka Now Available

But enough about how the site is improved. Let's focus on what's really important, what He Can Cook now offers. I've expanded the Community Shop. In addition to my self-proclaimed famous He Can Cook spice rubs (available in three flavors: original, spicy and smoky), I'm now selling two staples of the Jewish baker's kitchen: Babka (Chocolate or Cinnamon) and Rugelach (Chocolate, Raspberry, Chocolate Raspberry and Apricot). With a little advanced planning (2 week's notice needed), these ridiculously good treats could be on your dessert table. And I've added a second friend, Julie Forster's Craft Midwestern Mommy. Julie sells a wide variety of machine embroidered creations, including the coolest aprons for the home chef!

If you've ever watched the many cooking competitions on tv and thought "that looks like fun", I've got an offer for you. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, I'll soon be offering food competitions right from the comfort of your own home. I'm currently taking submissions for people interested in this unique event!

Group Grilling Lesson
Group Grilling Lesson

I'm expanding my cooking lessons outside of my home base by offering online versions. I'll provide customers with a complete shopping list and then we'll I'll live, remote cooking instructions from my kitchen directly to yours. If you have a desire to learn, I'll customize the perfect lesson for you. And if you want a group lesson with friends, even better!

If you are looking for quick tips and recipes on some of the staples of cooking, look no further than my 60-90 second Quickie videos. My library of videos has a new addition, Sunnyside Up Eggs.

In addition to all these new offerings, I'm also continuing to expand my baking prowess aiming to one day apply to a tv baking show. Keep up with my progress on Baking 101. As I mentioned above, Food Challenges are back and better than ever. As in the past, some challenges will require your best cooking skills. But others won't. Just think "Saltine Cracker Challenge". Let's see what you've got. Blogs posts will return to my normal weekly cadence on a wide variety of topics. And lastly, I still want to answer all of your food-related questions, so tag me on Instagram and Facebook and I'll be right over (or at least, I'll respond quickly)!

So, there you have it. He Can Cook is back baby! Yes, everything is better with a quote from Seinfeld. Hope to see you soon on the site and on all my social media outlets.

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