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My name is Mike. I've been cooking since I was a 10 year old latchkey kid in Brooklyn, NY. After almost 35 years of cooking for myself, my parents, friends, and now my wife and three kids, I'm proof that HE CAN COOK.

But don't be fooled. It wasn't easy. There were burnt burgers, minor grease fires, and the occasional meal that ended up in the trash and a call for Chinese take-out. Even today, it doesn't always work out, but it's always fun and I'm always learning.

Am I a professional chef now, you ask? No. But I think about it ALL the time. Should I go to culinary school, make this a full-time career? Then I remember I'm a husband and father of three young kids and I'm also a pretty darn good software product manager. So, at least for now, I'll live out my culinary dreams in my home kitchen.

So, where did the idea for HE Can Cook come from? Back in 2010, I decided to submit an application for Food Network's Next Food Network Star. Man do I look young. But anyway.

My unique point of view was a focus on getting men off the couch and into the kitchen, to break the stereotype that men can't cook, even though many of the world's greatest chefs are men. I was tied of hearing comments like "Oh, you cook?" I never heard from Food Network, but a seed was planted.

Since then, I've continued to grow my cooking skills, trying different cuisines and techniques and fell in love with the smell of blooming yeast. Yes, I know, that's weird, but nothing beats homemade bread! Then, on June 11, 2018, I brought in a homemade chocolate babka for my co-workers to enjoy.

A co-worker asked me "Did your wife make that?" Later, I was told by several folks I should quit my day job and start selling at the farmer's market. I was immediately taken back to my Next Food Network Star application, and knew the time had come. With a little help from my friends, HE CAN COOK was born.

The babka was quickly reduced to crumbs

The original focus of He Can Cook was on inspiring other men to get out of the cave (the man-cave, that is) and into the kitchen. But what I realized quickly is that I can (and will) help anyone who wants to learn, and that those who already know how still want to be a part of the home-cook journey.


So now He Can Cook is for everyone. Whether you are looking for tips and tricks, private in-person or web-based lessons, food competitions to showcase your skills, or need some food products to help make your dishes shine, He Can Cook has something for you!

Now let's go write the next chapter together!

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