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My Thursday Thing: Picky Eater

Today is my son's fifth birthday. We've been truly blessed these past five years. He's smart, funny and sweet (when he wants to be). But he's not a good eater. Don't get me wrong, he eats. Well, mostly he grazes all day long. But his list of eats is short: mac and cheese, noodles, rice, grilled cheese, sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese quesadillas, McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries, yogurt and fruit. Oh, and ANYTHING dessert.

Even within these things, he's so picky. Notice, the only chicken nuggets he'll eat are McDonalds. If the mac and cheese is too cheesy, not cheesy enough, or has any sort of cheese or crumb crust, he won't even touch it. And god forbid we cut his grilled cheese or quesadilla the wrong way, it's the end of the world.

So as I pondered tonight's blog post possibilities with my oldest daughter, we got to thinking, "What are some of the stupidest food choices one could make?" Here's a little poll. What are some other things your little ones are picky about? Comment below, and also weigh in with your answers to these questions!

1) Waffles: Circle or Square?

2) Fruit Loops: Red or Blue?

3) Grilled Cheese: Rectangles or Triangles?

4) Mac and Cheese: Elbows or Shells?

5) Tacos: Flour Tortillas or Bowls?

6) Pancakes: Mini or Regular?

7) Cheese: Sliced or Shredded?

8) Hershey's Chocolate: Bars or Kisses?

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